How to Become a Member

Join Garden Centers of Colorado
Applicants that meet the eligibility requirements listed below are invited to submit an application to the GCC Board of Directors. Applications are available through the GCC office or available for download. GET AN APPLICATION

Once received, the application will be presented to the GCC Board of Directors for their approval at the next regularly scheduled meeting.The membership year is July 1 through June 30. For those applications received during those months, dues will be prorated for the amount of the year remaining.

Membership Eligibility
Any individual, partnership, or corporation that meets these criteria:
Must be in the business of selling lawn and garden products,
Must have a definite location and proper display,
Must have a proven reputation for honest and fair business practices,
Must have been in business for at least 12 months,
One membership per store location.
Applicant must be approved by the GCC Board of Directors.

Active Member    Annual Dues
$1 to $1,500,000 in retail sales     $      310.00
Over $1,500,001 in retail sales    555.00
Trial-eligible for above—one year only    150.00
5 stores & over $5,000,000 in sales    3,000.00
Associate Member:
Any individual, partnership or corporation that is allied to selling lawn and garden products for the consumer.

Annual dues are $340.00

Associate Member - Premier:  Members that revenue share annually with GCC through rebate programs. Associate member dues are paid the first year. After that, annual rebate revenues to GCC must meet a minimum requirement and dues will be deducted from annual revenue received. $340 first year. Contact GCC's Association Manager for further details. 

Educational Member:
A person who is engaged in teaching or research related to lawn and garden products at an accredited school of higher education or, an employee of a governmental agency.
Annual dues are $50.00.
Student Member: A person who is actively enrolled in an accredited school of higher education.
Annual dues are $20.00.


Get an application: Call the office at 303-850-7589 for an application form or download it here.