Gardening In Colorado

Everything you ever needed to know about houseplants!

Houseplants are the best way to add character and color to your home. A NASA study shows that plants can greatly reduce the amount of toxic chemical levels in buildings that have poor ventilation. Houseplants come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are known for their foliage, others are known for their flowers. Certain plants if well cared for will last longer than their owner. Others are “throw away” or “short-term bloomer” plants that are discarded after their flowers are spent. There are low maintenance plants as well as high maintenance plants providing a houseplant for nearly everyone in every situation!

It is important to know how the climate of your home affects houseplants. By climate, we mean the average temperature, light, and humidity. Let’s begin with considering temperature. Plants are like humans with no body fat. Picture yourself in your living room, are you chilly? So is a plant! If you require a blanket to get comfortable, the room is too cold for a plant. In the summer, if you have to shut the blinds to keep the heat out, the room is ‘hot’ by plant standards. If your house is comfortable year-round, a plant will find it comfortable as well.